Jennifer Crain is a proud mother, wife, Registered Nurse, and Certified Nutrition Counselor. Her journey into the world of nutrition began with the Type One Diabetes diagnosis of her four year old son. Like any mother would, Jennifer worked to give her son the healthiest and brightest future while dealing with this unexpected disease. As she researched her options in managing this disease, she began to realize just how much of a role nutrition played in the health of her family.  Jennifer arrived at the conclusion that healthy food management was crucial to her son’s continued health. She found that the type of food you eat not only had a drastic impact on her son’s disease process, but also most other diseases as well. Jennifer made the switch to a whole foods, non-processed diet, which is full of protein, vegetables and healthy fats. This change resulted in her son’s diabetes becoming more manageable, as well as having the added benefits of relieving many other health concerns that were inflicting her family. If one month in this new lifestyle resulted in such drastic changes, Jennifer began to imagine the possibilities for the millions of people suffering from many of the same ailments with little to no focus on food as a healing factor. Through her drive to increase her knowledge and help others, she returned to school for nutrition.  To further this goal of helping others, True Health with Jennifer was born.